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Family Support Program

Family Advocates have knowledge, experience, have been trained and are dedicated to helping families navigate the often-complex systems parents must learn to navigate to have their needs met. Families with special needs children, children entering the juvenile justice system, and those entering the child welfare system are often fearful and angry. Many feel they are not truly included in decision-making processes and that their most urgent needs for help are not addressed. Family Advocates work to engage parents through evidence based and innovative approaches. Family Advocates are uniquely positioned to engage families by offering parents strong advocates who deliver encouragement, education, and assistance locating and obtaining necessary resources to strengthen the family.

  • Reaching out to, advocating for and supporting families.

  • Linking families to needed services and resources.

  • Providing emotional support and reducing families’ feelings of isolation.

  • Lessening families fears and securing resources for the family.

IF your family is dealing with mental illness, substance use, involvement in the child welfare system, the criminal justice or juvenile justice systems, we can help you navigate the often complex and difficult times and systems.

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